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The amount of mangosteen soaked in water to drink

First: the amount of mild pharyngitis
If you feel a slight throat discomfort, accompanied by some dry itchy throat, and normal daily maintenance dose of the throat, it is best to use 1/10 S.grosvenorii every day, then about 1L boiling water to brew, and then one day time to drink.
Second: the amount of common pharyngitis
This is for some teachers, salesmen and so on usually speak more crowd effect is very good, caused by fire, and throat uncomfortable situation of the crowd. It is recommended to take one or half a day of mangosteen, then brew it with boiling water below 3L, and keep taking it for about two weeks, so that you can adjust your voice well.
Third: the amount of severe pharyngitis
If it is in daily life to taste, love smoking and drinking crowd as well as the irregular, these conditions for throat damage is very large, the amount you need to drink water S.grosvenorii increase.
It is recommended to break up with a mangosteen every day, then brew it with boiling water of about 3L or so, then drink it. After about two weeks, you’ll obviously feel the throat more comfortable. It is important to note, do not be able to increase the amount of S.grosvenorii liberty because everything is too far.
Fourth: the amount of cold patients
If it is a cold body and stomach is not very good people, so that every day about 1/5 of the water taking mangosteen. If you do not find any physical adaptation after taking it, you can gradually increase, but at most not more than half a day.

Not taking mangosteen soaked overnight

This note not only the mangosteen tea needs attention, in fact, we usually eat any food also need to pay attention to. At room temperature, any food in six hours after the beginning of the deterioration, and Momordica fruit is no exception, so do not overnight use, which for the body as well as gastrointestinal damage is very large.

The long-term use of mangosteen soaked in water to drink easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction

The experts tell us, not only taking short-term mangosteen soaked no harm to the body, but also can regulate gastrointestinal function. But if taken for a long time, it can easily lead to the decline of our gastrointestinal function, and may even lead to some chain diseases. Especially for some sensitive and physical fitness is too cold for the crowd, Xiao Bian does not recommend taking mangosteen soaked, the body more harm. If you want to take the mangosteen soaked, then the best to consult a professional doctor or dietitian, choose the correct dosage and administration method, so it can be the most rapid adjustment of good physique.

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